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List of constructions

CREDIT AGRICOLE AQUITAINE (France-33): Exugroom Excellence smoke extraction frames

Crédit Agricole Aquitaine's new head office offers an original architecture composed of large glass facades. It respects the industrial history of the site since it is located in the "bassins à Flot" area in Bordeaux. As a building open to the public, it must ensure a natural evacuation of smoke and heat in the event of fire. GROOM has therefore equipped ... Read more

HOSPITAL CENTER OF GONESSE (France-95) : 220 Exugroom Excellence smoke extraction frames

The Hospital center of Gonesse is an ambitious project wich allowed to replace the old hospital. More functional, comfortable, environmentally friendly and hich-technology, it also demonstrates a remarkable architecture. Fire safety is paramount in health facilities. 220 smoke extraction frames EXUGROOM EXCELLENCE were installed on the building.

Their ... Read more